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White Wine

The Menu

We are always looking to improve on our menu here at The Seven Oaks, we have a variety of products to suit all kinds of drinkers. We try to update our menu twice a year to make sure we are keeping up with the current trends.

Beer on tap


We have a variety of draught products from around the world at a fair price. We are always open to adding more products in the future.


We have a variety of bottles on sale as well as amazing offers for every type of drinker. For more information on our offers click here

Beer Bottles
Image by Dan Barrett

Cask Ale

We will have three Cask Ales on at one time but these can change from time to time, depending on the season. we like to provide a variety of flavours of ales.


We have a nice range of wines served in measurements of 125ml, 175ml, 250ml and by the bottle. Ask your server for more details on our products.

Pouring Wine
Pouring a Shot

With over 60 spirits in stock, we are sure to have something to tempt your taste buds. Vodka, Tequila, Gin, White Rum, Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, Bourbon, Single Malt, Irish Whiskey and more

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We always have something on here at The Seven Oaks 


We are always looking to hold our own events but we can also offer a function room for hire. The room has its own private bar as well as 3 screens (89") and a built-in Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker.


With 7 Screens installed, two of which are 89" all viewing angles have been considered. We show multiple events at a time catering for a wide range of sports.


Our deals are not time exclusive, day dependent or event-driven. That's right we offer are deals all year round providing great value all day every day.


A weekly Free and independent comedy show featuring a lineup of some of the best comedians the UK has to offer. We also have an annual Roast At The Oaks and the odd special guest.


Third Summer Music is hosting an open mic night on Mondays! We have a range of acts performing as well as the opportunity for you to get up and showcase your talents.


We are constantly updating our lines with Award-Winning ales from around the country. We also have the popular Seven Oaks Ale


We offer Free Wifi on both floors as well as charging ports (providing we have your cable)

You can find any additanol information as well as the passcode on the notice boards inside the venue.


We understand everyone's schedule is different. We have a industry late bar for Hospitality, Retail and the NHS so you can grab a quick drink after shift. We also showcase late night sport such as the UFC, NFL and NBA.  


We have an electronic fruit machine with over 50 games installed available as well as an up to date juke box with all the songs you can think off.


2 for £5

We have a variety of offers including 2 for £5 on Budweiser, Stella, Super Bock and Amstel

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